Education Consultant

Consultant Program Designs:

Our passion is sustaining programs through transforming to a higher level of quality that exceeds all requirements and helps build rapport with staff, through family engagement and community relationships.

Roz is the best when it comes to building programs from the ground up! With many, many, many years of working with Army childcare, school-age programs, and schools.

Excellence is Attainable working with childcare centers and, preschool programs, Head Start, Early Head Start centers, Day Care homes, Boys and Girls Club of America, and other early childhood education organizations on a variety of topics including:

  • Executive Coach for management and employees
  • Staff Development, Teambuilding, and Parent connection
  • On-site Observations/Assessments/After Action Reports
  • Childcare National Accreditation
  •  Developing various curriculums, creating afterschool activity plans and summer camp adventures
  • Program Social and Emotional Learning/Challenging Behaviors

Creating an environment where staff and students can be transparent and transform education learning by integrating coaching concepts into classrooms and counseling centers. Schools will be able to custom design a program that meets the need of staff and students.

Students will focus on:

Elementary Grades

  • Mindfulness and building on social and emotional skills
  • Holistic coaching opportunities for teachers, parents, and children with challenging behaviors using a variety of techniques  

Middle School/High School

  • Cognitive functioning related to more flexible thinking styles and the ability to see alternate solutions
  • Ability to manage stress and develop action steps for success
  • Overall well-being and positive outlook

Professional Development:

Positive outcomes from these types of programs in schools, including:

  • Encouraging collaborative and reflective practice in teachers, this reflects in their work with both students and fellow educators.
  • Effective and embedded professional learning promoting a positive cultural change of a school or system.
  • Promoting accountability between colleagues and the implementation of improved learning methods.
  • Supporting collective leadership and exchange of ideas across a school system.