Meet Roz

Since I was a little girl, my parents showed me how important it is to be a servant and to be part of positive growth in our community and in people’s lives. My husband’s Army career provided me with a platform to work with families that were broken and work in the education field where I had the opportunities to make a difference and to ensure everyone feels a sense of self-worth.

I am very competitive and everyone needs someone to cheer and guide them to the finish line.  I am that person you can trust to do just that! My faith helps me to believe that even when you fall or are pushed down, you just have to take the lessons learned, get back up and move forth to a better SELF! Standing, Empowered, Living, Fearless without fear!!! 

Life Coach-“It is a wonderful feeling to see women and families get unstuck by releasing, renewing and transforming into a better SELF!

Education Consultant-“Helping companies that serve our children is a gift. I am so grateful that God has given me the knowledge and skills to help build excellent programs that meet families, staff and children’s needs.”