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“I met Roz through a small group that she facilitated and when it came to an end, I was so happy with the experience that I inquired about being her client individually. Not really knowing what to expect from coaching, it turned out to be a experience I never knew I needed. What I liked the most was that she challenged and provoked my thoughts. We really narrowed in on positive self-talk; cleaning up the mental mess. Overall  I really appreciated the spiritual guidance and self-empowerment strategies she provided me. I now have practical tools to use for a rainy day and I am forever grateful for that.”

K. Crosby
Rating: 5

Educational Consulting

Our founder, Roz Wesley has served as an Administrator and Program Specialist within the military childcare system for almost two decades. The military’s childcare program is considered the standard system for the nation’s child care industry. It has been tested with various demographics and within different contexts and proves to be an optimal system, preparing children and workers to be successful in society.

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