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Educational Consulting

Our founder, Roz Wesley has served as an Administrator and Program Specialist within the military childcare system for almost two decades. The military’s childcare program is considered the standard system for the nation’s child care industry. It has been tested with various demographics and within different contexts and proves to be an optimal system, preparing children and workers to be successful in society. 

Mrs. Wesley has also served as a CLASS reviewer for the Head Start Program to ensure that teachers’ classrooms were up to standard. These experiences led Mrs. Wesley to develop a consultant service that is steeped in high standards and excellence. 

Our team is the best strategist focusing in 3 key areas:   

Quality: We are a one stop shop that will provide support in every part of the journey of developing an excellent child care program.

This includes but is not limited to:

  •  Creating a foundation with inspections and certification systems 
  • Leading a center through the national Accreditation process (NAEYC, NAA, NAFCC)  
  • Building staff training and compensation plan 
  • Conducting Program Assessments (Environmental rating scales, Creative Curriculum Fidelity tool, state guidelines) 
  • Providing an Executive Coach to support, manage and inspire staff to execute the curriculum and accreditation standards
  • Building family engagement and community partnerships 

In addition, we will be there to provide continual program assessments to make sure that the program is running sufficiently. 

Affordability: We are dedicated to making sure your program fees are affordable for parents by providing multiple streams of income and establishing:

  • Reasonable Program Fees 
  • Receive federal and state subsidy (American Rescue Plan for Childcare funding)
  • Community and national partnerships 
  • Annual donations, fundraisers, and sponsorships

Availability: We are focused on providing in-depth details about all the various components of your business developing a winning business plan. 

  • Analyze and ask questions about your vision, mission and core values.
  • Receive feedback about the new or current concept. 
  • Analyze market and create marketing plan. 
  • Develop 3-5 year plan. 

Life Coaching

Roz Wesley has dedicated her life to the betterment of others. Her success in the childcare industry can be attributed to the warmth and encouragement that she provides in every relationship she develops. So there is no surprise that she is also a certified life coach, life coaching is an extension of whom she already is.

As a woman with a thriving career and lively family. She knows firsthand why women put themselves last. She often found herself unable to say no. Until one Sunday after church, a friend asked her to cup her hands. Then she asked her to look inside. Roz looked puzzled. Her friend asked her, “What do you see?”  Roz responded, “nothing, it’s empty…….”

She explained to her that you cannot pour from an empty cup.

Roz is dedicated to empowering women to take care of S.E.L.F and stop pouring from an empty cup.


Stand, Empowered, Living, Fearless

Roz facilitate the space to be transparent and transform mentally, physically, and spiritually:

  • Provides tools to help clients gain clarity and reach goals
  • Inspires clients through kingdom principles
  • Creates a space to relax, laugh and cry if necessary!

Roz creates dynamic partnerships with her clients. She believes that her clients are the experts in their lives and she is the expert in the coaching process.  She ensures that her relationships with her clients are founded on trust, with all sessions remaining confidential. There are multiple ways that Roz engages with her clients:

  • Individual Personal Growth Coaching Free 30 minute Discovery Session (telephone and virtual)
  • Group Coaching sessions (minimum 10, in-person tele-class and virtual)
  • Public Speaking (topics designed by client or organization)
  • Training and workshop on various topics: Life Skills, Relationships, Career, and many other topics.

She invites you to take control of your life and live your best S.E.L.F!

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